A painting by the artist James Foort called: 20th Century Madonna

20th Century Madonna

20th Century Madonna is worth discussing. The experience of the woman with her head shaved demonstrates a short time run on a fashion if that were the reason. Hair grows. Medical interventions for surgery were once to shave hair from the field of the operation. Whether it adds beauty is, like everything in art, a matter of intention of the artist and reactions of the viewers. The novel expression in art over recording in other ways, depends on what strikes one as a topic for artistic discussion. With other purposes, as in history, satire, humor, instructions or judgments for example, skill lies in the selection of the topic considered available for discussion and the sharp identification of what is discussed through art. Examples are to be found here. Cartoonists, for example, highlight a point of view requiring the identification of specific recognizable characteristics of actions going on. Here, expressions of the mother and child are identical at their mouths.

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