A painting by the artist James Foort called: Winnipeg Winter

Winnipeg Winter

The picture is a comment on the French wish to ban the burka! There would be turmoil loosed over that — scaring away Muslims from the anger felt against them and hurts to them from that.

Winnipeg Winter comes of experiencing eight years of winters in Winnipeg. St. Boniface is as near French as I could come, being that it is a French speaking part of Canada. Imagined was an edict in France that would have everyone wear a burka, even men, women and little children. That could settle who should, would or could wear a burka, engendering an amount of indifference to the edict and settling the population into a more peaceful state or indifference as to who would wear a burka, now worn only by people feeling the need.

Klimt is said to have said that all art is erotic. Who could doubt that the less one sees of another, the closer will imaginings be to what one desires! In further favor of the burka would be that less beautiful ones would enjoy the prospects in what could be imagined and there could be equality between males and females, some or none wearing burkas.

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Works and writing by James Foort