A painting by the artist James Foort called: Adolescence In The Celestial Ship

Adolescence In The Celestial Ship

In writing a novel (A MAN of ANGST and LOVE), I propose that women bring up sons and fathers bring up daughters. The value of that might be an improved understanding of each sex by the other. Many of the pictures here are included in the book (A MAN OF ANGST AND LOVE). Features of adolescence, such as using a giant flower as a hat, believing in magic, as seen in the robin, the usual ideas of birds and bees proposed by parents, and, meanwhile, seen on the flowers; modesty protected by the leaf. Top left on a leaf, an insect introduces the idea of life we prefer over what we get by controlling pests. She sits on a tuft of cushion-shaped straw with the robin. Checkered tiling is a path. Green for the setting is for the novelty felt by young people from sexual feelings; primitive and ancient. Blue with yellow lights are a feature in the Celestial Ship.

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