A painting by the artist James Foort called: Angus And The Snake

Angus And The Snake

In the story “A MAN OF ANGST AND LOVE”, Angus is on the ground in front the horse. Moses is on the back end of the horse, and the two Small Ones, Marino and Joe, are towards the head end, Marino first. The snake is behind Angus in bushes, unseen, but seen in the eye of the horse. Two ranges of mountains with a lush green valley between, contain a lake with fish in it. Scrub and sand cover the ground around the horse and the people. The mountains are dark blue, the sky a lighter blue. Their mission is unrecorded here. I remember a Zane Grey story in my possession as a teenager. The pale green field flanked by the two mountains where the fish are in a lake suggests the seclusion imposed and remembered and wanted in such a valley.

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