A painting by the artist James Foort called: Bahr and Zoe Have Fun

Bahr and Zoe Have Fun

The illustration is from my book “Between Six Boards and the Mountain”.

Starting around the edges of the painting, are beds of artificial flowers. Moving inward, are four scenes of the activities of the man and woman. Top left shows them when they enter their hotel. Right shows them having a pillow fight. Lower right shows them having a bath in a bathtub big enough to swim in. The final scene shows them on a sleeping pad. He is slyly showing his penis, shielded from full view by his hand as though to tease her and stir further the interest she is showing.

The central circle has a number of special features. Triangles make the surface active as a diamond does in light. A red and static white background has a layer of figures surrounded by maple leaves with a white pinwheel centered on a red background. The extravagance of the whole scene gives the feeling of motion and mobility. Its mechanical format is shown to be concocted by the engineering calipers at each corner on the green background. The city to which they have come exudes artificiality.

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