A painting by the artist James Foort called: Biological Reality

Biological Reality

There is not enough understood about biological reality to make the course we follow inclusively best. Love is expressed between cohesion in community and autonomy for individuals. My paintings and writings have helped me to formulate the hierarchy of love: we see, we touch, we desire or feel longings, conjoin, experience joy, feel comfortable, celebrate, and engage in community cohesion; revealed in the generations sustaining our presents.

The painting seems too graphic. It is not. In dealing with the range seen in loving states, there is no embarrassment in a view that encompasses the whole range of feelings expressed in the hierarchy of love.

The fish represent sperm. The egg is obvious. The torsos are male (blue) and female (green). Biological reality ranges over the whole course of possibilities seen in sexual components. Anatomists have preserved samples ranging between pure male and pure female sex organs. That the hierarchy of love could cover the same range of organs is likely, suiting the state of sexual feelings we typically call LOVE.

The stream of black dots represents the dividing lines between male and female components that foster or preclude loving outcomes.

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Works and writing by James Foort