A painting by the artist James Foort called: Returning to Cauldron Earth

Returning to Cauldron Earth

We know that we ride on a thin skin protecting us from searing heat. We know that the Earth has existed for four and a half billion years. We know that life came to Earth mysteriously. To solve the mystery of our presence, we have numerous beliefs treated as facts. These flavor our imaginings and, likewise, my paintings.

In the painting, a jug centrally placed, holds the molten core of the Earth. The ladder to a distant star is how we dream it might be. The heat sink slice across the jug represents our imaginings. Another slice seen on a pale green guitar-like shaped spaceship, represents the fragility of our dreams and the fragility of our imaginings. Use of the heat-sink scraps represent the work involved in making new ideas a reality. The grey layer is what protects us from the searing heat; the red layer, a transition space, a place to dig for oil, for heat and other treasures.

The theme bears on an impossible possibility fancifully depicted in the painting related to space. The theme will be seen again in other paintings done.

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Works and writing by James Foort