A painting by the artist James Foort called: Wingfinger - Poem by Ted Gibbs

Wingfinger - Poem by Ted Gibbs

Was the early Pterodactyl
Once a simple wingless Dactyl?
Long before she flew ‐
I don’t suppose she knew
That in order to survive
She would have to strive
To grow a wing.
But surely something in her knew
That she’d have this thing to do
or was it chance mutation
That continued a new nation of
This funny looking thing
Could it be with people
When e’er they build a steeple
Or aspire to something higher,
That they’re doing the same thing as
A Dactyl with her wing?

In my picture, red is for life elements. Two positions of the sun indicate passing time. The world, lower right, shows primordial slime on one half, on the other, a standing man indicating the evolution of life to human form.

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