A painting by the artist James Foort called: Zoe Brings Home The Rooster

Zoe Brings Home The Rooster

The picture — Zoe and the Master have purchased the rooster at the market. To Zoe, it is his rooster. To the Master it is the alarm clock that will, with Zoe’s help, rouse the children to their tasks of learning how to be good slaves for the sophisticates.

The white arcs above Zoe’s head are the ideas he toys with; his own meanings of the event. His wonder of it is reflected in his open mouthed expression. The Master, firm mouthed, reflects on the clever rouse. His satisfaction is shown by his thumb looped over his belt, relaxed. Zoe’s same hand against the feet of the rooster, indicates his assessment of meanings of the event, the left hand saying “mine”, rosy cheeks adding emphasis. The future is strongly felt by both of them.

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