A painting by the artist James Foort called: Lovers


In wistful moments, even moments of wishful thinking, a person might dream of an agent that would cut into loneliness. In fact, with no experience, such a one wouldn’t be able to have the dream. That is indicated in the myth of Adam and Eve. Paired, their start would be insulated from all future worldly experiences. That is also indicated by the ferns. We have to become aware of the future, perhaps by living it. The screen of ferns shielding them from intrusions would be meaningless without the notion of temptation or shame planted in them by parents and other agents of their existence. From that, we can surmise, that we are led to anticipate future events. The blue background sharpens the contrast between the bodies of the lovers and the ferns. The female arm signals surrender, the male hand a concentration on purpose.

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Works and writing by James Foort