A painting by the artist James Foort called: Near And Far

Near And Far

The boat in the picture is a reminder of two such boats I used for fishing salmon in Discovery Passage. A hundred rowboats of various kinds, including this kind, would be fishing commercially. Mr. Painter of Painter’s Lodge made the boats during the winter and the fishing guides used them through the summer to take Lodge guests fishing. (ROWBOAT FISHING in DISCOVERY PASSAGE, BC — Caught in the net of time 1936-1953 — by James Foort 2011).

A distant horizon is simulated for the effect. The board with a hole in it would be used to mount a simple sail. More to the left would be the seat for rowing the boat. Oars would be mounted on the edge of the boat at the cleats. The light colored ribs running across the hull of the boat give it strength and rigidity, leaving torsional flexibility intact, a very satisfying feature when raking herring.

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